Saturday, October 14, 2017

Mount Laguna San Diego

Connor the hiking Irish Wolfhound and I hiked 3 different days at Mount Laguna, mapping out some new routes.  I have already posted so many pictures of these trails, I decided not to take any new pics.  I will however post a Redtail Roost, Big Laguna to PCT loop trail map as an alternative to the regular trails.  You can make this an 8 or 9 mile trail depending upon which route you choose around Redtail Roost.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Wooded Hill Trail Mount Laguna San Diego

Due to years of drought, Wooded Hill (8 miles North on Sunrise Highway from I-8) is no longer very densely covered in trees.  There are quite a few dead trees and large boulders.  Luckily there were enough trees to provide dappled shade for portions of the trail.  I was treated to some fall colors among the ground cover.  I was determined to scout a longer hike from the Wooded Hill trail which is only 1.5 miles.  After proceeding to the top of Wooded Hill, instead of continuing back down the hill on the loop trail, I continued NW above Wooded Hill.  My intent was to follow this rarely used route to connect with the old Sunrise Highway Agua Dulce trail.  However just 250 yards short of intersecting Agua Dulce, I ran into an insurmountable obstacle.  A large tree had fallen across the trail and someone had securely nailed onto each side of the tree a ladder which created an A-frame.  Since I had Connor this hiking Irish Wolfhound with me, we were unable to use the ladder.  Since Connor weighs in excess of 175 pounds, I was unable to lift him over the downed tree.  I attempted to blaze a trail around the tree but the brambles were too thick and began slicing up my legs.  So we had to turn around and retrace our steps.

 insurmountable obstacle

Friday, September 29, 2017

Old Sunset Highway to Agua Dulce Loop Trail Mount Laguna San Diego

I took Connor the hiking Irish Wolfhound back to Mount Laguna today for another high country trek.  We parked at the start of the Sunset Trail off Sunrise Highway (S-1) and continued hiking along the original but now abandoned road into the Mount Laguna Cleveland National Forest recreation area.  Part of the trail is broken-up asphalt.  Luckily the entire trail has dappled shade from the tall tree cover of pines, cedars and oaks.  Connor does much better along the shady parts of the trail.  As usual we didn't see a single hiker but did see a few mountain bikers and a couple of horseback riders.
Cuyamaca (6,500') foreground, San Jacinto (10,834') background

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunset Trail Large Figure 8 Loop Mount Laguna San Diego

I have hiked this trail several times recently so there is nothing new to post.  Brian and I did enjoy the leisurely 8+ mile hike.  Connor the hiking Irish Wolfhound was left behind as he was still tired from his long hike in the sun a couple of days ago.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Noble Canyon Trail from Pine Valley San Diego County

In celebration of Connor the hiking Irish Wolfhound's 1.5 yr old milestone, I took him on a quiet hike along the Noble Canyon Trail.  We began the hike at the Forest Service parking (3,700') area in Pine Valley San Diego County CA off of Pine Creek Road.  The parking lot was empty except for one car.  We proceeded north on the trail towards Mount Laguna.  The trail starts a gentle climb right away which continues for approximately one mile, climbing approximately 500'.  The terrain begins as primarily dirt with some large boulders but soon turns to gravel and then sand with some rocky areas.  There are several shady spots from overgrown oaks, Manzanita and chaparral which follow the creek bed.  Some red barked small trees which look similar to Manzanita or Madrone but exhibit more feathery leaves dot the trail.  The stream was completely dry this time of year. 

After a mile or so, the trail flattens out and actually begins to descend.  At about 3 miles in, there is a beautiful oak over-grown flat sandy area which would make a nice camp site.  A little past this site, the trail suddenly becomes very rocky as it steeply climbs the side of the stream canyon wall about 300'.  Other than two ladies on horseback, we did not encounter anyone else on the trail.  The entire trail to the top (5,500') is 10 miles, however, we only hiked 8.7 miles round trip (up to 4,000') rather than attempting the 20 mile round trip arduous trek.  Even though it was a pleasant upper 60s day, Connor continually attempted to squeeze into any glimpse of shade he could find along the way.  







Video:Tired Connor lopes along