Tuesday, August 22, 2017

South Ridge Trail San Jacinto Mountains Idyllwild CA

The South Ridge Trail out of Idyllwild is a moderately strenuous climb up to Tahquitz Peak in the San Jacinto Mountains (10,834').  Connor the hiking Irish Wolfhound and I got some great views of the mountains however it was too warm--even at 7,100'--to make it to the Peak.  There were several shady spots below the pines and cedars but the sun was quite intense at this elevation and time of year.  We only ran into two other hikers during the entire day.  We started the hike on Tahquitz View Drive just off of Pine Ave.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Redtail Roost to Agua Dulce Creek & Wooded Hill at Mount Laguna Mountain San Diego

Connor the hiking Irish Wolfhound and I took the Redtail Roost trail again at Mount Laguna San Diego but increased the trail to 8 miles via Agua Dulce Creek and Wooded Hill trails.  Since we took a similar hike a few days ago, I decided to let my mind's eye wander and see something more unusual on this trek.  As you can see from the pictures, I saw a different perspective than I normal.

Look back east.  Left up road to Sunrise & Huecos.  Right back up to start of RedTail.

Looking east, right spurt to north side of Redtail

Looking east, Left side to PCT and North side of Redtail

Main Big Laguna Trail

Looking East, Left Redtail, Right Agua Dulce

Looking East, Left up to Wooded Hill; R to Gatos Ravine